I work holistically from the heart, encompassing and welcoming all parts of you. My work is a dynamic blend of contemporary, indigenious, and intuitive techniques, learned and discovered through many years of experience, education, and training​. I work from the ground level up, so it is important that I get to know you. I work in sessions of at least 5. Our first session is an introductory. We talk about you and your past, allowing me deeper insight into who you are and where you are blocked. Here, I am able to begin a treatment plan that encompasses all of you. We work together through the processes and modalities I use. You will be liberated from these past issues and free to live the life you have been seeking. It's more possible than you may realize.

Big Heart,


Image by Krystal Ng

This work is about calling forth our most ancient selves, our ancestors, plant, animal, and angelic beings, to the front lines with us as we transcend consciousness for the betterment of the planet and all living creations.

This is deep spiritual and energetic work. Your most divine, beautiful and successful self already lies within you. It's time to break the chains of emotional, mental, and spiritual slavery and set youself free to be the most expansive expression of YOU. Our survival as a species depends on it. The time is now. 

Mariah Vlach



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