"Mariah Vlach is an incredible spiritual & intuitive human. Her energy is calming, patient and understanding, yet clear and direct. Mariah is advanced in her skill and I felt safe in her presence. Before our session together, I had been experiencing extreme anxiety and anger around a major relationship conflict in my life. Following our session, I had an incredible week and the previous emotional charge seemed to fade significantly. In the weeks to come, I experienced tremendous progress in my relationship and found myself communicating on a healthy level; something I was struggling to access before. Mariah and I worked on deeper levels of my psyche; parts of me I have been cut off from for a long time. There, we safely explored areas of repressed emotion from my past and I was able to find healing to move forward. Mariah was committed to helping me reclaim the lost and unrealized parts of myself. My session felt like a sacred ritual and allowed me to feel grounded and ready to evolve. I trust Mariah with my life and would recommend her to anybody feeling stuck, looking to grow, evolve, break through and better their relationships and overall spiritual life experience."

Michaela Eichenbaum - Producer


"In my brief time with Mariah my transformation has been nothing less than remarkable. Her gentle technique of space holding and thoughtful inquiry has opened up dimensions of my own being long buried and forgotten. Now, with the clarity and consciousness from that work, I can choose to be with those energies in an entirely new way. Hats off to Mariah for bringing her full self into her work and for sharing her deep capacity for healing with others in need."

- Firelight Hammerquist, Architectural designer and shamanic skills student.

Firelight Hammerquist

"In my relationship with my mother, I sensed a heavy obstacle that I could not identify or fix on my own. Fear and anxiety surrounded my attempts to connect with her. There came a day when I was ready to receive help, and I made an appointment to see Mariah. From the start to the finish of our therapy session, Mariah’s professionalism and warmth allowed me to welcome her guidance as we walked through my subconscious, asked questions and discovered truths that I did not know I held inside. I learned so much. I was able to find and then let go of the burden I had been carrying. Today I talked on the phone with my mother and for the first time in years felt fully open to her love and unafraid of judgment or guilt. I could not have undone those things on my own; I thank Mariah for her strength and confidence, which supported me through it."

Melanie Penney

"I knew nothing about hypnotherapy. When I heard the word, I thought of a man at a carnival putting people to sleep with a swaying clock. I was shocked to experience the immense amount of healing and clarity that this therapy gave me. This was an immediate transformation and I couldn't believe it!  I came to Mariah looking to gain peace and acceptance regarding my relationship with my distant father. Mariah created a trusting environment where she guided me to areas of my subconscious that I was scared to go by myself.  Mariah is a personal trainer for the subconscious - she is there to be a guide and give assistance when needed, but she is there to teach individuals to create healthy habits and techniques in order to cope with emotional pain deep within.  This is an empowering skill - especially as a woman.  I highly recommend Mariah as a healer and I look forward to my future sessions with her!"

Natasha Komoda - Body Positive Photography


"My work with Mariah at the time of our work was profound and 2 months removed has proven to be truly life changing. Going into the session was a very comfortable experience. Mariah helped me instantly to feel at ease as she brought me into a highly relaxed state that I thought was similar to the tranquil feeling that I find after a yoga class during Savasana. In this mental state, removed from the busy and often times negative conscious mind, Mariah combined both her strong intuition with her deep well of knowledge to guide me through a pathway that was completely unique to me and my personal experience. The hypnotherapy session allowed me to piece together many aspects of my life to provide a clear picture of many of my deeper thoughts and patterns. This clarity has been incredibly informative. With this clear seeing, I have been better able to release old habits and behaviors that have been holding me back from my greatest potential. I have interacted with various forms of yoga/tai chi/meditation for the past 14 years. It was this session with Mariah that seemed to bring it all together, into the here and now, giving my past experiences a new life and spin which has provided a clearer insight into the direction of my future. I am forever grateful for the gift that Mariah Vlach has chosen to harness for the benefit of personal transformation. I have personally referred many of my closest friends to receive the healing benefits of her guidance."

Angela King

"I went into my first session with Mariah with a clear open mind, lacking any biases. I was not prepared to experience what I did. We worked primarily with hypnotherapy to clear some grief I had been holding onto. It was the deepest journey I have ever had with myself and I felt as if I lost a huge amount of unnecessary weight off my mind, body, and soul. I did not expect one session could alter my life, but it did in the most positive way. I would love nothing more than to continue bridging the gaps of my unconscious mind for a more centered and fulfilled sense of living, day to day. I would recommend Mariah to all of my friends and I already have."

Mangda Sengvanhpheng

Art Director at Chinatown Soup - www.mangxseng.com.

"This was my first ever hypnotherapy session and I felt very relaxed and safe in Mariah's very capable hands. I was seeking her help with healing some deep-seated stress, and emotional trauma from a relationship break-up. Afterwards, I felt a very powerful release of stuck energy in my body, as though I'd had a super deep body-tissue massage. I felt a big weight had lifted and had a deep sense of peace in my mind. Mariah is a very gifted healer. Her passion and dedication helped me to feel very secure in her presence and I totally recommend her to anyone who has deep routed issues that need some extra help to be released in a most gentle and compassionate way."

Rachael Codina - Kundalini Yoga Instructor 

Soul Mastery Coach



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