Language of the Soul

Carl Jung, the great interrpreter of the soul and grandfather of psychoanalysis, once said that the psyche (soul) thinks and communicates in images. Images are what drive our creativity and are the language of the soul. When we dream, our soul speaks to use through its embedded images, pointing the way through its creative metaphoric language of symbol and image. When our deeper mind communicates to us in this way, we are receiving and uncovering our very own personalized mythology for our life and spiritual path. When we work with the images in the deep mind, or soul, there is an abundance of wealth and information available, here to guide and serve us for our highest good, our greatest health and our deepest healing from past issues, so we can become more of who we are. Somatic Imagery Activation through the use of hypnosis is a methodology that allows one to enter safely into this deeper mind, un-distracted by the egos demands of daily life, so that accessing the souls images for deep understanding and healing, is easy and effective. Somatic Imagery allows one to enter, safely, into the places within that we tend to avoid and fear the most. Once in this trance state, we dialog, communicate, and learn from your deepest wisdom through the messages the images present. This is some of the most fascinating work you will ever experience along your quest for consciousness. If this is your first time trying this form of hypnotherapy, I am very excited for you, for this is a modality that can be used for almost anything you are trying to figure out about your own life, your past, your ancestors, your past lives, and anything you want to create for your future. Hypnotherapy is psychology and spirituality at its finest.



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