Life is a riddle. Embodied Hypnotherapy is an ancient methodology used to understand it. The body thinks and feels in images, metaphor, and archetype. By tapping into this ancient language, we are granted access into the imaginal landscape of the soul. In a deeply relaxed state, where the psyche's images dwell, your waking ego and the landscape of the unconscious engage in an illuminating and fascinating conversation, rich with depth, meaning, and life-force direction. 

When we dream, unconscious messages from our body communicate to us through symbol, imagery, and metaphor. This cryptic language illuminates the path ahead of us and offers clues into the meaning of our own life.

But unlike a dream, Embodied Hypnotherapy, provides a direct line of communication into the deep archetypal wisdom that is ever present within, offering us the opportunity to relationally engage with the images that arise. 

With the body and mind in direct communication, consciousness is transformed.

This is the work of the ALCHEMIST!


"Mariah is a true spiritual healer. I have spent my entire adult life looking for someone with her knowledge and gifts. With her diverse training background and range of modalities, I left every session thinking and feeling about myself and the world around me differently, more clearly.
I am a completely different person than I was a year ago when I met Mariah.  I am more confident.  My depression and anxiety, while they still come around, do not stay for long.  I understand myself better. I have a whole new inner dialog, and I am excited about the future and what is to come"



"I don't even know where to begin.  I started seeing Mariah when I had reached the lowest  and darkest point I've been in my life.  The first time we spoke on the phone to set up an appointment, I felt an immediate sense of relief and hope just at the sound of her voice.  When we first met, that feeling was confirmed. Mariah is very welcoming, calm, reassuring and non-judgemental, and I found myself telling her things in that first meeting that I had never told anyone, as well as some things I hadn't even acknowledged to myself.  Over the months of working with Mariah, I've had what I refer to as two moments of enlightenment and, for the first time in my life, not only know who I am, but accept who I am and love that person.  Mariah provides a safe space for me to put down my guard and face my personal "demons," while gently challenging me to dig deeper as a means to allow me to discover my truth.  She has also given me a number of tools to use in my continued exploration and growth and, when I'm feeling a pull to the "old" me, she's in my head, pushing and supporting me until our next session.  I had been with another therapist for a couple of years and never even scratched the surface of what I have done in my short time with Mariah.  To me, she is just simply magic and I am truly thankful I took the first step and found her"



"Mariah is gentle, wise and held sacred space for me to scoop up the forgotten, broken pieces of myself and helped me compassionately put them back together. I worked with Mariah for six weeks and it was some of the most impactful self-work I've done. 
I gained valuable insight into my processes, habits, learned to incorporate my child self on a deeper level, and healed my relationship with my mother. The resentment was buried deep in a memory from my teens that had been sleeping silently without my notice all these years.
I had the opportunity to integrate the homework and exercises she gave me which built on our sessions. Mariah is a powerful healer and gift to our generation. Everyone experiences grief, anger, pain, and anxiety but hardly any of us have the tools to heal these emotions fully. I highly recommend working with Mariah to integrate these hurt pieces of ourselves to live a life more at peace"




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