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Life is a riddle. Embodied Hypnotherapy is an ancient methodology used to understand it. The body thinks and feels in images, metaphor, and archetype. By tapping into this ancient language, we are granted access into the imaginal landscape of the soul. In a deeply relaxed state, where the psyche's images dwell, your waking ego and the landscape of the unconscious engage in an illuminating and fascinating conversation, rich with depth, meaning, and life-force direction. 

When we dream, unconscious messages from our body communicate to us through symbol, imagery, and metaphor. This cryptic language illuminates the path ahead of us and offers clues into the meaning of our own life.

But unlike a dream, Embodied Hypnotherapy, provides a direct line of communication into the deep archetypal wisdom that is ever present within, offering us the opportunity to relationally engage with the images that arise. 

With the body and mind in direct communication, consciousness is transformed.

This is where the ALCHEMY happens!


"I often scoff at social media, particularly Instagram. Ironically enough, I found one source of the most life-changing experiences there - Mariah. She's been with me on this exploration of the deep psyche for the past 15 months. 

Before meeting and working with Mariah, I worked with a handful of skilled practitioners, paying small fortunes and experiencing minimal changes. After my first session with Mariah, I knew she'd be the one to guide me to a deeper experience and knowing of myself and of life. 

While my childhood had many happy moments, much of the good was shrouded by the more challenging, difficult ones. I grew up in rural, conservative Tennessee, the youngest of three to a single mother. Momma worked many jobs to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. 

Our socioeconomics and a handful of other adverse childhood experiences led to much shame and sadness. Years and years of shame and sadness culminated to a denial of my sexual orientation and expression. It'd be years before my realization and acceptance of that and even more years before I'd be able to recognize the blessings in those very difficult moments. 

Most of these blessings have blossomed forth during my 15 months with Mariah. I have been able to trust myself again. I have rekindled my relationships with loved ones. I have been able to speak my truth in very powerful ways. I am seeing my life reorganize with ease and grace, as I am drawn in directions that seem to be of my highest and greatest good. And as all of this has unfolded, I have been gaining momentum in my financial health. 

And all these shifts were the outcome of 12 sessions and would have not been possible without Mariah's presence and guidance. I am honored to work and to continue working with Mariah" 


"Mariah is a true spiritual healer. I have spent my entire adult life looking for someone with her knowledge and gifts. With her diverse training background and range of modalities, I left every session thinking and feeling about myself and the world around me differently, more clearly.
I am a completely different person than I was a year ago when I met Mariah.  I am more confident.  My depression and anxiety, while they still come around, do not stay for long.  I understand myself better. I have a whole new inner dialog, and I am excited about the future and what is to come"


"In my brief time with Mariah my transformation has been nothing less than remarkable. Her gentle technique of space holding and thoughtful inquiry has opened up dimensions of my own being long buried and forgotten. Now, with the clarity and consciousness from that work, I can choose to be with those energies in an entirely new way. Hats off to Mariah for bringing her full self into her work and for sharing her deep capacity for healing with others in need"






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