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Since there are many outside factors that can throw off the balance of family life, it can be hard to figure out why your family isn't functioning well. When I look at your family system, I look at it through the lens of multiple generations to find the underlying issues, long held stories, and mental patterns that may be at play. From this point on during our family sessions, we learn about each family member's long-held beliefs, behaviors, and pains. In a safe and neutral space, we can then have talks that might not have arisen otherwise.

As your family therapist, I am your witness, mediator, and guide. I deal with every problem that comes up with honesty, validation, and coaching, giving you time and support to work through "hard things" and put to practice in real-time, what you are learning.  

Other expectations of family therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • working on different ways to talk to each other,

  • how to really listen,

  • how to deal with our own stress, anger, and triggered reactions,

  • how to set limits and boundaries,

  • understanding how we compensate our values to "keep the peace"

  • emotional enmeshment

  • codependency

  • and most importantly, how to emotionally attune with our spouse and children

Think of family therapy as a space to "workshop" and try on new ways of being with one another. Dysfunction is mostly caused by an accumulation of "bad habits". Unless we can identify those habits, making lasting change is nearly impossible.

If you are a parent seeking support for your adolescent and/or teenage child, the greatest gift you can provide for them is diving into the therapeutic process with them. No one heals and gets better in a vacuum. It takes the whole family system shifting to help address a single family member in their healing process.

A family is an interconnected, living web. You must grow together.

Please email me at for a one-one consultation to find out if family therapy is right for you and your family.

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